6 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Next Website Project

10 reasons to use wordpress for your web design

I personally use WordPress for all of my projects though there are lots of other CMS around. Thanks to the modern content management system to make the web so easier.

Every CMS has its own features and some pros and cons. But I always keep WordPress top because of its easier customization, designing, and developing capability. That’s why you won’t have much pressure when you choose WordPress.

This is the main goosebump I use WordPress — but another reason may be for others.

Here I am trying to cover the most probable reasons that WordPress has been the most popular CMS or website designing platform in the world.

1. Most used CMS

Though newer website builders are coming to the age but WordPress is still existing in its own way. That means the usage of WordPress is still increasing.

More than 30% of the websites are created with WordPress and daily another 500 websites are added to WordPress because of its ease of use and having lots of free tools. Like there are about 55,000 plugins at WordPress.org that you can use freely to customize your site.

And the WordPress developers are keeping the focus on developing newer technologies to bring WordPress to the next level. WordPress is also more secured, fast, mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized than any other CMS.

2. Open-source software

Open-source software means anyone can use this software free of cost. You can choose this free CMS for any type of website design or development project. As being open-source software, WordPress has a huge developer community who are always contributing to progress this technology with the latest tech-enabled tools, plugins, or themes that help you create your website more professionally.

If you want to build your website at the premium level then you can use any paid tools like plugins, page builders, etc. These plugins are also not expensive. Most of the paid themes are for lifetime for a single site.

3. Perfect for any kind of website building

Maybe you heard that WordPress is a blog-creating CMS. Yea— it was once. But now WordPress is more powerful to build any type of project like blogs, forums, social media networks, virtual classrooms, etc.

Even you can use WooComemrce plugin (a revolutionary online store creating WordPress page builder) to develop your eCommerce business. If you own a business or corporation then you can use WP to make your business website more effective.

Now WordPress also allows using its REST API to integrate with other platforms to strengthen your web presence. Using WP REST API you can create mobile apps or other cooler projects.

4. Lots of plugins, themes, or page builders

You should use WordPress for your next website projects because of having the scope to add desired features to your website that you want. You find many free and premium themes and plugins that give you extra features to make your website unique and professional. Most of the time you don’t need to buy premium themes as there are lots of free themes that can give you most of the functionalities.

No other CMS has these types of huge extensions to make your website catchy. If so, then you need to buy or hide it behind paywalls.

5. Easy to use and maintain

Another reason most people use WordPress is that it is very easy to use and maintain than any other CMS or website building platform. That means you get more time to grow your business rather than getting tense about website maintenance when you choose WordPress.

Like – plugin update, theme update, website backup, managing site’s comments, adding products or contents, and ensuring that your site is fully secured and safe. These things may take lots of time. But, in WordPress, you can be relaxed because you can set auto-update, backup, or security alert. Or you can buy WordPress manage hosting that can take care of all your pains. These types of WP manage hostings are also affordable and available like Siteground.

6. Huge WordPress community

For any kind of help, you get a quick response with a simple search on Google, YouTube, or Facebook. Because there are lots of WordPress enthusiasts around the world who are continuously contributing to expand WordPress. All of them are not developers but love WordPress. Every country has a number of WordPress communities that arrange various camps to help people about WordPress. Around the World, you always find WordCamp here or there. You just register and attend the programs.

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